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Pictures of the kids

We've moved!  After 4 great years in our first home, we decided it was time to move on to more bedrooms, more land and more renovations.

In October 1998, we got married.  You can see pictures, learn about our plans, or just revel in our wedded bliss (blech) at our Wedding pages.

See our first home


First come marriage, then comes the dog!  Learn all about our cute and fuzzy puppy, who sadly passed away in October of 2007.

Jon has been a Parrothead since college, and managed to convert Nancy as well.  He is working on a Jimmy Buffett page in his free time.  He also intends to create a page dedicated to cheeseburgers, you can see what he has so far at Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Nancy was a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority in college, and started a mailing list to keep in touch with her sisters.  Join the list, or just see what other Phi Sig alumnae are doing.

In Nancy's spare time she enjoys doing cross stitch, and her new endeavor is tag blankets.  Check out the newly created Crafts page.

Before kids, we took Taekwondo.  Learn all about Ro Insler Taekwondo.

Like most hardworking people, we love to vacation.  Check out pictures and trip reports of our vacations over the last few years.

So after all that, let us know what you think of our home on the web! 

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